By September 2015, the Obama administration will make a decision on whether to list Greater Sage-Grouse as an endangered or threatened species. This one decision will dramatically affect land use for 165 Million Acres in the Western United States.

We need your support for common-sense, state-based conservation measures that not only protect balanced use of our working landscapes, but also long-term conservation of species like Greater Sage-Grouse.

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Decline of key wild game populations has emerged as one of the most serious threats to the future of wildlife and our right as sportsmen.  Moving beyond single-species focus, entire-ecosystem management allow for healthy populations of wildlife to thrive in modern environments.

It’s time for sportsmen to stand together.  By participating in your local BGF chapter, you can make a significant difference.

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Membership is the best way to show your dedication to the cause.  To show appreciation, Big Game Forever has partnered with generous industry leaders to bring you an incredible membership offering.


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The threats to hunting and wildlife are growing at an unprecedented rate. The key is to achieve lasting solutions. Volunteer today!

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We call on Congress to support state management of wolves and all wildlife

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Deer council discusses wolves

They’re an animal.” Along with its predator statement, the Douglas County council made its preliminary 2015 deer season recommendations. But he cautioned hunters not to expect trophy bucks. Agreement with the Douglas County Deer Advisory Council’s plan was second with 37 responses.

Grizzly population a bear of an issue

How many of those are in Washington is simply not known. The answer is no. “Ecosystems are the same way. Once the perceived threat is over, the “attack” typically ends. “Actually, large carnivores make pretty good neighbors.

Wolf bills prowling through state Legislature

Two of the bills he and Short sponsored got unanimous votes by the House on Tuesday. Four new packs were also discovered. The agency says at least 68 gray wolves now roam the state. There are 16 wolf packs and at least five successful breeding pairs. The number of confirmed wolves in North Central Washington actually dropped slightly, from 13 to 11.

Agents kill Lolo wolves to boost elk survival

…predation are responsible for the Lolo’s declining elk herds. The Lolo elk population has dropped from 16,000 elk in 1989 to roughly 2,100 elk in 2010, and possibly fewer than 1,000 this year. State studies indicate that wolves have become the primary predator affecting calf and cow elk survival in the Lolo. In addition to the 19 wolves killed by government agents, another 11 wolves were taken by hunters and trappers in the Lolo zone during the 2014-2015 harvest season. …

Found Ram IS New World’s Record

MISSOULA, Mont. – A bighorn sheep killed in a highway collision in Alberta has the largest horns ever recorded for the species. Boone and Crockett Club measurers today certified the specimen as a new World’s Record. The horns’ final score of 209-4/8...

Michigan DNR Appeals Federal Court’s Wolf Decision

“Wolves in Michigan and the other western Great Lakes states are fully recovered from endangered species status, which is a great success story,” said DNR Wildlife Division Chief Russ Mason. “Continuing to use the Endangered Species Act to protect a recovered species not only undermines the integrity of the Act, it leaves farmers and others with no immediate recourse when their animals are being attacked and killed by wolves.”

Strategy on Greater Sage Grouse Outlined at Interior Hearing

Interior Department plans to decide whether to list the greater sage grouse under the Endangered Species Act by Sept. 30, but whatever the decision the agency won’t write a rule implementing it, Secretary Sally Jewell said Tuesday.Congress approved language as part of a broad fiscal 2015 spending package (PL 113-235) that prevents the department from spending money to write a proposed rule if the Fish and Wildlife Service decides to designate the bird as threatened or endangered. Jewell…

Idaho senators oppose loosening elk-import restrictions

Sen. Lori Den Hartog, R-Meridian, said, “With all our industries, I think we need to be looking at ways to reduce regulation in a meaningful way.” But, she said, “That means balancing the needs of our industries with the other benefits that we have in our state, like our wildlife. I think those are important things to weigh, and I don’t think any of us take that lightly.


Membership is the best way to show your dedication to the cause.  To show appreciation, Big Game Forever has partnered with generous industry leaders to bring you an incredible membership offering.
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