By September 2015, the Obama administration will make a decision on whether to list Greater Sage-Grouse as an endangered or threatened species. This one decision will dramatically affect land use for 165 Million Acres in the Western United States.

We need your support for common-sense, state-based conservation measures that not only protect balanced use of our working landscapes, but also long-term conservation of species like Greater Sage-Grouse.

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Decline of key wild game populations has emerged as one of the most serious threats to the future of wildlife and our right as sportsmen.  Moving beyond single-species focus, entire-ecosystem management allow for healthy populations of wildlife to thrive in modern environments.

It’s time for sportsmen to stand together.  By participating in your local BGF chapter, you can make a significant difference.

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Membership is the best way to show your dedication to the cause.  To show appreciation, Big Game Forever has partnered with generous industry leaders to bring you an incredible membership offering.


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States Defend Their Sage Grouse Preservation Efforts

…federal land use plans "may be, in fact, more dangerous than a listing" of the bird. She added that state plans "can be much more nimble" than federal plans, which are very difficult to modify.The Interior Department is expected to finalize updated land use plans related to the sage grouse this month and faces a Sept. 30 deadline to decide whether to recommend federal protection for the bird. Environmental advocates have been pushing for nearly a decade for the…

The Verdict Is In: State Management Plans Work

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Verdict Is In: State Management Plans Work Fmr. Federal BLM Director Warns of ‘Federal Unilateralism’ Preaches ‘Stewardship of Federal Lands’ to Protect Sage-grouse May 19, 2015                                                             ...

Feds planning NM release of wolf pups bred in captivity

…to New Mexico. But a new management rule that took effect in February permits the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to introduce “new” wolves, or those bred in captivity, directly into the New Mexico wild — a critical step, advocates say, toward improving the genetics of the population. Wolf advocates say they are concerned about the fate of permit requests by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service pending before the New Mexico Game and Fish Department to release new wolves. They say the…

If You Care—leave Them There

Every spring Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks issues a message to Montanans to leave new born fawns, birds, and other infant wildlife where people find them. “If you care, leave them there,” said Ron Aasheim, spokesman for Montana Fish, Wildlife &...

Endangered species listing for sage grouse could affect Wyoming’s economy

…the sage grouse from being added to the endangered species list. But many sage grouse supporters in Wyoming are not pleased about the effort. All three members of Wyoming’s congressional delegation are co-sponsors on bill that would block the federal government from listing the sage grouse as an endangered species for six to 10 years. “States like Wyoming are already leading the way when it comes to protecting species on the ground — including the sage grouse,” said Sen.

More Utah deer hunting permits available

Wildlife Board approves permits for fall hunts Salt Lake City – Nearly 2,000 additional hunters will have a chance to hunt buck deer in Utah this fall. After learning how well deer are doing in Utah, members of the Utah Wildlife Board approved the additional permits...

Now is the time to apply for big game controlled hunts in Idaho

…open hunt for deer, elk, pronghorn or moose, including general hunts and controlled hunts, in addition to any general season or controlled hunt tags they also hold. The first drawing in June will pick 26 hunters, each of whom will win one of 25 tags — eight elk, eight deer and eight pronghorn hunts as well as one moose hunt. One “Super Hunt Combo” entry also will be drawn that will entitle the winner to hunt for one each elk, deer, pronghorn and moose. Super Hunt entries are $6…

Protecting the Sage Grouse requires local conservation solutions, collaboration

By Doug YoungBoth the Gunnison and greater sage grouse are renown throughout the West for their elaborate courtship rituals. However, it is not the only means to conserving species. Recognizing the importance of the sagebrush habitat on her land, she partnered with a local land conservancy to permanently protect her property for the benefit of the recently listed Gunnison sage grouse.

Dayton halts moose radio collaring, but scientists outraged

Calves were affixed with radio collars immediately after being born. The primary goal was to positively identify the cause of death of every moose. The technology immediately alerts researchers if a moose is dead or dying, and allows them to get to the animal within hours. Because of this research, Minnesota was the leader in moose research in the entire country.

National Security Beholden to Endangered Species Act:Congress Must Act to Protect Military Readiness

While the FWS is eager to restrict human activities on these and other lands, the negative effects appear to come with few conservation benefits for the bird. Additionally, seasonal and spatial restrictions could limit maneuvers and other vital training procedures.This story is repeated at other military installations. Due to the ESA’s inflexible nature, conflicts at these military installations are likely if the grouse is regulated under the ESA.


Membership is the best way to show your dedication to the cause.  To show appreciation, Big Game Forever has partnered with generous industry leaders to bring you an incredible membership offering.
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